Lactating But Single: Dream Interpretation

by Norman M. Brown Ph.D. |

Dreamer: I had a dream that I was secretly expressing milk from my breast because my breast just started lactating. They were squirting milk! I’m single, not married and don’t have a baby… What does this mean????

Interpreter: The purpose of mother’s milk is to keep a baby alive and growing. A baby represents either a new creative project in your life or a new aspect or branch or part of yourself that’s just beginning to appear in your world & your self-awareness.  Yet in this dream the baby is not present, but your milk to feed it is. So either in your inner or outer environment, you have generated the conditions to birth and grow a new creative project, or a new creative extension of yourself—and when you’re single, it’s likely that “creativity” means both creative productivity and a new dimension or growth for yourself. 

So the possible guidance contained in this dream is that your personality development can make a dramatic (for you) growth spurt if you take the risk of committing yourself to whatever new creative, entrepreneurial, relationship, or self-development possibility you may be aware of. Perhaps you aren’t aware of anything, which could be the significance of the fact that—unusually for this type of dream—there’s no baby of any kind (not even a kitten) in the dream.

Interpreter Conclusion: If you’re unaware of new growth options, then you could incubate another dream to point the way by spending 10-15 minutes in meditative self-reflection each night before drifting off to sleep. Think about possible creative projects, or career, relationship and self-development possibilities that might get emotional juices flowing– for your life-milk needs a new aspect of personal growth to feed!

Lactating But Single: Dream Interpretation

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