Dream Interpretation

Marsha Hudson and Norman Brown have assisted clients with dream interpretation for decades. At the Love and Power Institute, we view dream work as a significant way to develop a close connection between the unconscious and conscious minds. Exploring novel reactions to our waking life issues dressed in symbols can provide surprising viewpoints and offer alternative ways to move forward in our lives. 

All dreams come to serve our health and wholeness, so even the scary ones bring useful information from beyond our conscious minds. In fact, our dreams almost always point to new ways of thinking that can clash with what we already know about ourselves and the issues we are currently facing. (See examples among our sample dreams.)

Thus a dream interpreter who has experience with the dream symbols, metaphors and structure can frame a three-way dialogue among the dreamer, the dream itself, and the interpreter. This opens up alternative meanings, so that the dreamer can then consider which variants are fruitful applications to inner and outer life. 

There are several ways to work with your dream with the Love and Power Institute:

  • First reach out to us through our contact page or by email. Once we have connected, you will email your dream to us with as much detail as possible. Label people or places known to you that appear in your dream with some explanation. List recent events or thoughts/feelings that might have triggered your dream. One of us will then respond by email with some questions designed to clarify some aspects of your dream.

  • We can also work on your whole dream over the telephone, face to face, or via Zoom. Working on a dream usually takes 30-60 minutes, and the contact can sometimes be spread out over two or more days—since dwelling on the process over time (or sleeping on it) yields insights from beyond our conscious minds.

Our rate for Dream Interpretation is $60/hour, which can be billed incrementally.

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