Emotional Skills Training

A Ten Week Online Course

Summary of Course Contents:

This course focuses on nine basic inborn emotions in ten classes: Interest/excitement, joy/pleasure, surprise, fear, anger, distress/sorrow, shame, disgust and contempt.

We are gathering two groups of eight people each, roughly gender balanced, to participate in two sections of a free and innovative 10 week Zoom class.

Each group will meet for 2 to 2.5 hours per week to focus on understanding how the inborn emotions work to mold our experiences of life. The sessions will be mostly experiential, based in empathic sharing in pairs and group discussion. An additional optional lab session will be offered each week for participants from either group to process their own challenging emotional encounters. We will provide teaching materials, and participants will be invited to respond to classes with written comments. Classes will begin in late summer and early fall.

Goals of Emotional Skills Training

  • Nurture fulfilling relationships with oneself and others.
  • Cultivate healthier management of our biosphere.
  • Appreciate and empathize with all of Nature.

Skills Gained Through Emotion Training

  • You will be able to recognize and express the nine basic emotions;
  • You will understand the light and dark sides of each emotion and the effects of both sides on us and our environment;
  • You will have practice in giving each of your feelings a voice
  • and in listening to it;
  • You will have practice in empathizing with all emotions to deepen familiarity with them.
  • You will be able to welcome and benefit from the gifts of shame;
  • You will expand your comfort with vulnerability as basis for deepening intimacy.
  • You will be able to navigate through more emotional areas in life, especially the difficult ones.

To Register for this Online Course or for more information, please let us know by submitting a form via our CONTACT US page and select “Emotional Skills Training Online Course” as the subject. We look forward to having you join us!

The Love and Power Institute is our contribution to the many efforts underway to restore humanity to a healthy balance with the earth.